As the public-school system is needing to prepare and transition to distance learning, we understand parents may be unsure of what they can do to help their child succeed in their education. We want to help!!

We understand parents need to work through this pandemic and Distance Learning time and have students that aren’t old enough to stay home alone, that need some place safe for their child to go.

So now what?
Do you need a safe place for your child?
Do you need someone to help your student to focus on schoolwork? 
Is distance learning for your child not going as well as you thought it would?
Don’t panic, we have a solution!

Verndale Area Christian Academy will be providing a Distance Learning Resource Program that your child will be able to be enrolled in during the day while parents work.  We have a teacher (with a MN State Teaching License)  that will be in the classroom to provide a stable, safe enviroment while helping the students get their schoolwork done, as well as, helping the students communicate with their public-school teachers if needed.

This program is separate from our child care center, which put us in complicance with the State Licensing department.  Our focus is Kindergarten though 6th, but Junior/Senior High Schoolers can enroll if space is available.

Even if your school is not full distance learning, but your student needs a different option, we can help!

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Resource Program Rates

We are working hard to make this program affordable. If you qualify for County Assistance [CCAP], we were informed they might be able to help. We understand for some parents this isn’t in their budget, but are working hard for the program to be affordable.

Resource Program Rates are as followed:

  • $99 per week ($74/week for 2nd Child, $48/week for 3+ Children)
  • $25 per day
  • Income-based pricing available, upon request

This is new for everyone, so we appreciate your patience as we work through this process. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Kenny at 218.445.5568.


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