Verndale Area Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school with the mission to foster independent thinking, with a Biblical worldview, to build a solid foundation of remarkable education.

Welcome to Verndale Area Christian Academy Elementary School

Verndale Area Christian Academy Elementary School offers classes Kindergarten–6th Grade.  Our goal is to provide a strong academic education within a culturally rich Christian environment.  We offer a loving, family atmosphere with a focus on strong Biblical values where students are encouraged to reach their academic potential. Through our small class sizes, Biblically inspired curriculum and exceptional teachers, we are blessed to be able to offer individual academic attention to students while developing the spiritual growth of each child.

Choosing the school that is right for you is a process that requires care and patience. The best way to know if Verndale Area Christian Academy is right for you is to learn about us and let us get to know you, too. We would love to talk with you or schedule a personal tour today!


Believing that all children are created for God’s glory and endowed by Him with an undeniable potential to acquire wisdom and knowledge, Verndale Academy covenants with rural families to equip their children to become responsible servant leaders for the 21st Century. Committed to truth, discipline, and values of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Verndale Academy pursues this aim by mobilizing educational, business, and community leaders towards the important goal of serving children with a remarkable education, permeated with a God-centered perspective. This inter-denominational school will seek to unleash kingdom citizens who work for justice, hope for the family, and joy in the community.


At Verndale Area Christian Academy Elementary School we believe that the basis of all teaching is God and His Word. Our desire is that each student would accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. A goal of our mission is developing in children a Biblical Worldview and build a solid foundation of remarkable education. 

VACA addresses educational practices from a Biblical perspective by offering its students the opportunity to understand themselves and the world around them from a Biblical worldview. Some of this education will be formal (Chapel, Bible classes and studies, counseling) and some will occur as the faculty and students interact in the normal flow of school activity. The goal is to facilitate the development of the student: spiritually, academically, physically, socially and emotionally. The school employs administration, faculty and staff who serve as role models in their Christian walk, and who are maturing both professionally and in their Christian faith.

In training children to serve the Lord, VACA makes a strong statement for high academic and social standards of conduct. We believe that the school is an extension of the home, and we expect parents to support the goals of the school.


The mission of Verndale Academy is rooted in the following core values:

We are passionate about God’s transformational work to restore all things through the gospel of Christ.

We believe the necessity of building deep, authentic, loving relationships with God first because it empowers health with one another.

Revolutionary Dependence
We exercise a daily, moment by moment, profound dependence on God and His Word facilitated by the active surrender to Holy Spirit’s transformation in us.

By God’s power at work within us, we pursue excellence that goes above and beyond all that is expected or imagined.

Who We Are

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